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Its Cinco de Mayo with Good News Arizona - Episode Number 5Here we go again. If you've happened to watch our first 4 episodes, you know what fun we have doing this, the GOOD news we share week after week. We will continue our Rapid Fire news segments as well as our weekly respect to David Letterm...
Chris & Traci in the Morning - The Blooper Reel We cannot always be perfect, in fact, we rarely are (actually, never, we're never perfect) but we try! When we shoot our episode of Chris and Traci in the Morning, we do so and have a blast at it. So even though our goal is to engage, educate and em...
Good News Arizona Episode 4 - All about AZ and our Communities Here it is sports fans, well, not just sports fans, its for everyone, lovers of sports or not. But seriously, we do love sports, in fact, I proudly sport my Arizona Rattlers Jersey, the winning-nest franchise in Arizona Sporting Histo...
Good News Arizona Episode 3, where Dogs Play Pinball & news is GoodYep, here we are again! This is become a habit on a weekly basis and we couldn't be more excited. The feedback we are getting from viewers if wonderful. Good News Arizona, in case you've missed the earlier episodes, is all about G...
Welcome to Episode 2 of Good News Arizona - Its all about YOU, AZ!Here we go again, for the second time in as many weeks. Good News Arizona is here and its here to stay (at least we hope so, cuz we're having a blast)! Last week we shared stories about neighbors helping neighbors. We talked about ...
The Lending Process, Episode 4 with Chris & Traci in the MorningWell, here it is boys and girls. 4 Episodes are done and in the "can". We have spent the last month, dropping the knowledge and educating you on the Lending Process. Equipped with this knowledge and our Home Buying Process series, yo...
Its the Lending Process Part 3 of 4 - Traditional FinancingI get the same question virtually every time I have an initial conversation with a first time home buyer, why do I need my financing in place before starting to view homes? Simple way to answer this, are you going to go to the grocery sto...
Good News Arizona has officially arrived - All Good News AZWho else is tired of all the news? I mean come on, in a 30 minute news cast, you deal with a minimum of 11 minutes of commercials, then we are splattered with bad and negative news, story after story. When they finally talk about somethin...
Building a home- The framing stage of new home construction The slab is down and cured. now its time to start constructing the walls of your new home. Framing, in construction, is the fitting together of all pieces to five a structure support and shape. Framing materials are usually wood, enginee...
Monolithic or post tension slab- whats the difference?By definition, a monolithic slab is not a post tension slab. I do reference "monolithic" slab in this episode, but do so as its one big piece of concrete. But understand, a true slab, is just one giant piece of concrete poured into a frame, se...

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