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Are you considering downsizing from your current home and moving into a condo?  Not so fast!  Make sure that you have all the information to make a wise financial decision.  The costs of maintaining the condo buildings is rising and that means higher and higher condo fees.  Landscaping, grass cut...
12/16/2013 This is a great article about the history of the FICO scoring system and how it has developed over the years.  It has been my experience that most home buyers don't really understand the credit scoring system...
For those of us in the real estate business in Maryland it is no surprise that we rank 3rd in the country in foreclosure rate.  According to this article I found, 1 out of every 618 homes received a foreclosure filing.  The number 1 and 2 states are Florida and Delaware.  Is it a coincidence that...
I have found another great article that discusses emotional mistakes that are made by sellers when listing their home for sale.  The most important is the mistake of overpricing.  There is nothing more difficult than trying to market and sell a home that is clearly overpriced.  The article lists ...
This is an interesting article that came out today about Facebook's most talked about topics of 2013.  I'll bet that you would never have guessed what was Number 1.  This list may be helpful when trying to find out what people are really passionate about.  The number 1 topic was very important to...
This is the time of the year that everyone usually starts to get into the holiday spirit.  But this year is much different than years past.  The housing market is slow, sales are down, and money is tight.  How are you going to get excited about the holidays this year when things seem so difficult...
I am currently rehabbing one of my rental properties that the tenants destroyed and rather then re-rent I'm looking to sell.  I want to put the money into another property via a 10-31, but I've not yet done so.  I'm looking for advice on possible companies, fees, or other hints to help me out.  I...
Do agents really search out these open houses to preview the home for a potential buyer or just to get a free lunch?  Do you go only to brokers open houses of agents you know or do you pick other companies listings to visit.  My experience is that nobody really shows up except for my closest frie...
Todays Baltimore Sun Business section has an article from the Associated Press stating homes sales are were up 4.8% in September.  I would like to know how they come up with these numbers.  Home sales in the Baltimore area are down drastically.  The number of homes in inventory are sky high and m...

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