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Are you in the verge of tackling a WordPress site or thinking about it? Maybe you've already tested the waters and left the starting blogs. It can get overwhelming fast. To make the journey to the WordPress world smooth, enjoyable and exciting - and much less frustrating - I am putting together a...
Whether you are looking for unique, plain, fancy, wild or stand out social media icons to decorate your blogs, you can probably find them. There are literally thousands of social media icons to choose from and new ones are constantly created. There are many sources to find these icons. Most are f...
XtraNormal Movie Maker - Idea Marketing Zone Movie Debut More and more of these XtraNormal videos are now popping up - each day it seems. So finally, I found time to tinker with one. It was pretty easy and user friendly. Account set up is free. Pick your characters, their accent, location and sta...
Have you ever wondered what Santa is up to the days leading up to the BIG day? Is he relaxing, taking a few days off or is he checking to see if you are naughty or nice to the last minute? He has to know right? Wonder no more. My 10-yr-old son has been tracking Santa's whereabouts the last couple...
The latest trend, the hot topic, the way to sell your product or services is to do it in a way of storytelling. Storytelling certainly isn't new, never heard of phenomenon sweeping across the nation, but it is excellent for capturing and captivating eager readers and followers, developing relatio...
  Buyer: Hey, I want to see this house. Where is the agent?   Agent: I'm right here. You mean this lovely house. It's perfect for you! And the seller is very motivated!   Buyer: Yes? Can I do an inspection? How much is it? Can I get a deal? Can I get 89% of your commission?   Agent: I assure you,...
You. Yes, you. This is as good of a time as any to evaluate your social media efforts, game, plan... whatever you want to call it. Many of us have jumped in without a game plan, or a strategy or a clear direction once we opened that door. Most of us here probably started with blogging. What about...

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