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Real Estate Appraiser - is Richard Ferris. I am a Florida state certified real estate appraiser serving clients in Lake county, Orange county, Osceola county, Polk county, Seminole county, and parts of Volusia county. My blog concerns local market activities, general thoughts on my real estate world, and technology tips to be more productive as a paperless office.
I recently completed the ERC course "The Relocation Appraisal Training Program"  I signed up with ERC to promote my real estate forecasting skills with trend analysis. You may not be interested in joining another organization - but I would really recommend this course to anyone appraising homes f...
I was recently contracted to perform a second FHA appraisal for a new construction.  The builder thought this was odd since they had JUST had an FHA appraisal completed. I waited until they cleared it up with the lender and sure enough, the lender wanted a 2nd appraisal. When I drove out to see t...
I have found for some reason, that some of the videos displayed in past blog posts, will occasionally not appear.  Sometimes, you will get a small silver triangle where the video should be - and you can click on it to play. I was informed by some colleagues, that they were not able to access the ...
I have found recently that many neighborhoods in the Central Florida housing market, show significant differences between what a seller's expectations are and what is reality from the buyer.   One example of this, is in a community south of Clermont, FL known as Westchester.   There are presently...
I recently completed an inspection for an appraisal of a home in my county.  The home was a typical block ranch with needed updates to the flooring, painting, etc.  But the home itself was pretty typical of the area. The neighbor's home had a fence around it and all seemed just fine to me at the ...
I contend that the real "hot button" is not the lowering of fees - but the inequity of appraisal standards. The trainees or newly licensed appraisers who cannot afford to open their own shop may indeed get a raise in fee by accepting an order for $200.   That is logical and a true fact of the ma...
I just started a new Yahoo Group today. This is a group to help new Appraisal Institute associates like myself, who are looking to find answers to the journey towards a designation and higher learning. In the past, I had joined another Yahoo group - but the level of spam and unmoderated posts - p...
My church was actually supporting "Vote yes on 2".  From the surface of what you hear in the news and blogs, etc - it all seemed worthwile if all the verbiage said was "marriage is defined as a union between 1 man and 1 woman".  I would have no problem voting for that - as some have mentioned, th...
I also wanted to pass along the web site link to order a very helpful DVD to teach the basics of charting with Excel. I learned my skills from Anthony Young who offers these training DVDs at: There are also some FREE intro videos on his site at
I wanted to share with anyone who may find this helpful, some quick ways to create valuable reports for your clients. Using simple Excel tools and your local MLS data - you can accomplish some significant graphs and charts to share with your customers: Video #1 - Exporting Data: Video #2 - Sortin...

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