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We really need to think about this... I have been remiss about posting on this forum.  For that I am sorry.  In the KEYS we are now hitting the high point of our seasonal market. Guess what?   Many homes are STILL priced sky high.  People still feel that the market will bear high prices for home...
Well the time has come.   The big upset in Tx. is winding down.  Not that the destruction is over it is just that the housing inspections are coming to an end.  Galveston is still a mess and will be for some time to come.  Most schools have opened back up and some form of normalcy has come back. ...
I have lost my place at the top of the MARATHON real estate market...BUT I find that to simply go to a dictionary and copy (plagerize) information is not what this is all about.  I have seen many folks do this and I just do not understand where they are coming from.  I think that this forum is fo...
Been doing housing inspections in La. and got the call to head to Texas...  So, on the road again. (Willie Nelson) I am slowly working my way to the west coast at this rate.  Got assigned to the Houston area.  Found a place southwest of the city for the motorhome to call home.  Today I did my fir...
FOR YEARS I was a major taker.   I worked in Corp America for years, I sold mainframe software to Fortune 500 Companies.   Not considering rents and salaries we sold accounting software to these cash rich folks for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cost of a few reels of tape and a few man...
Gee, last week it was necessary for me to 'get off the rock'.    You got it ... here comes a hurricane.  Left the dog and my other half to deal with it.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I did not leave just to leave them in harms way, I had to be in other parts of the country in short order.  I must sa...
Forgive Me... I have not been here for some time now and I see that a bunch of folks have surpassed me numerically. Oh Well... Our market is not what it should be.  Blame it on anything you want.  Elections?  Banking snafu's? Crappy economy? Bad weather? Business down turn?......  The list is end...
So, just what do these three have in common when this is about Real Estate?I'm glad you asked...This past week everyone in the Keys found it necessary to crank on the furnace.  Now I ask you, what happens when your furnace has not been on for over three years?  You can hear those little dust mite...
Yes, you heard right.  It is gone again for another year.  But, I found that the feeling of Christmas can continue.  I am finding that fewer and fewer people agitate me.  My Christmas spirit is continuing past the actual date. I wonder why??? I did the required trip to the northeast this year to ...
 Sometimes you need to take control and just do it.  Some get really carried away and others of us keep it small.  I found a Dewalt 18v drill with two batteries and a charger for only $97.00.  Now, two batteries alone cost $104.00 so this was a deal.  Problem being is that I have two other Dewalt...

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