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Pink Sky in the Morning? Over time I have heard many different things about signs in the skies. Do you know the old axiom "Pink Sky in the Morning, Sailor take warning, Pink sky at night Sailors Delight. " This one has born out the results many times in my life. They say if you see a pink sky in ...
I sent a post in the other day http://activerain.com/blogsview/1413680/speechless-sunday-stop-and-take-it-in-  and included it accidentally in this group. You see it was a Speechless Sunday post which words are discouraged on the post. I recieved shortly after an email telling me that they had to...
It makes me crazy once again this year we have two undefeated teams and the BCS champion can't really claim the National Championship because there is no playoff system. Say what you want about Boise State not being able to beat either of the teams that played tonight. Last year nobody gave Utah ...
Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah is the #1 toursist site in Utah. From Thanksgiving to New Years Day there is an incredible light display. You can only see a portion of the lights on this square in this picture. This shot is taken from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building near the Roof Restau...
I found this featured post today and thought it was an interesting perspective on interest rates. What does it mean to a buyer when the rate goes up 1.5%. If they are prequalified and are shopping at the top end of their price range, most everything they are considering may drop of the list of po...
This is amazing. You can see in this short video how this taffy is assembled to make the candy industry logo. They can make your logo too. Truly an Artist with a sweet pallet. Can be made in different colors and flavors, so let your imagination loose and see what you can come up with. Great clien...
I wanted to extend an Active Rain welcome to a good friend and collegue. Joe Libin with Graystone Mortgage has jumped into Active Rain with both feet. He is a great lender that can close a loan fast. He posted here on Active Rain an informative post regarding the First Time Home Buyer Credit Exte...
$8000 Is Time Running Out For This Credit? If you haven’t purchased a home yet is it too late now to buy a home and receive the “First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit? If you are a first time home buyer (haven’t owned a home in the last three years) time is running out. You must locate, put under cont...

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