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I like the like button. Sometimes I have no great comment to add to a post. The like button is nice cause you can let the blogger know you like thier post without having to get too creative. Sometimes it has all been said. I think it will be great to add exposure to our posts. I am a facebooker,...
April 29th 2010, normally a great day for golf. Somebody forgot to tell mother nature. Snowbird Ski Resort got 39 inches of spring and they are still open for skiing. The powder hounds were in 7th Heaven. Golf season was in full swing, the flags were out and ready and then... I'm not sure what ty...
Orange barrells, here they come! Are you on top of the road projects in your neighborhood? Is it important to know where the new highway is going? Here in the Salt Lake Valley there are dozens of new and existing projects to help with the infrastructure. UDOT is going to be putting in a new syste...
Come and see thishome ready for your First Time Home Buyer. Time is short to receive the First Time Home Buyer tax credit of $8000. In order to qualify for the credit the home mcust be under contract by April 30th, 2010. The loand must be closed by June 30th, 2010. Home has a recently insatlled ...
What a great event the NCAA tournament is. Teams who have seldom had anyones great attention, are able to rise up and knock off a number four seed. There is no way for college to have a 64 team feild but I just can't imagine that a true playoff system for football would have the same type of inte...
Just saw a story on the news. Man walks in to the bank wearing a hat and sunglasses. Walks up to the teller and she tells him he can't wear the sunglasses in the bank and he would need to take them off. He takes off his sunglasses and pulls back his hat and all bu poses for the security camera. G...
I just did a search for the new SFR certification to see how well known it was to the internet world. On Bing it was not even in the top 10 results. On Google it was second on my search. So what is this certification? On the SFR site gives the following informaition: For many real estate professi...
Please take off your shoes! I called out to set up appointments to show homes to my client. One of the homes I was asked to make sure we kindly remove our shoes when we went in. It was not the first time I have heard this request. They also had booties there to put over our shoes if we so chose t...
Near my home is a shopping center with a Kmart Store and an Albertson's Supermarket. Surrounding These two stores are many small shops and restaurants. Word is out that the Albertson's is closing. They were left out of a deal when Associated Foods purchased a large block of Albertson's stores bec...

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