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Are You Gruntled? Now and then we come upon a word and we are not sure what it means. My grandpa used to ask me if I was gruntled. No, I would say I am happy. Then he would chuckle and say, it's the same thing. What is gruntled? Well I ask you what does disgruntled mean? We hear it in the news, a...
How long have you been with your current brokerage? How loyal are agents in general to thier Brokers? I am just curious how long you have been with your broker. If you have changed in the past what caused you to make the change? Was it a pay issue with your commissions? Personality conflict? Did ...
Ok so I was thrilled a week or so ago on this post http://activerain.com/blogsview/832712/139-Merry-Christmas  and now it is even better! Costco has gas at $1.26 today at 1 of the locations at least. I hope the rest of you are seeing lower prices as well. I can remember paying $1.32 back in 1980 ...
Capitol Reef National Park Capitol Reef is not a well known place in comparison to the Grand Canyon, Zions National Park, or even Bryce Canyon. The terrain is beautiful here. Much diversity. Great hiking, mountain biking, camping, and sight seeing. There are places you can jump from waterfalls to...
Bryce Canyon One of the prettiest places I have ever been, and I've been to some pretty places, is Bryce Canyon National Park. There are such wonderful varieties of beauty. The colors are incredible, ever changing all day long. Each lookout brings a whole new joy to the eyes. If you enjoy hiking ...
I have been wishing I was still in Hawaii all this week. It has been snowing all day today here and I was not ready for it. I was on facebook a few minutes ago and found a post about the flooding in Hawaii. here is a link to all of the crazyness. http://www.khnl.com/global/story.asp?s=9506720 I j...
I could hardly believe my eyes. $1.39 a gallon for gas today. Not too long ago I wondered if we would ever see gas below $3.00 again. I'm sure it is not that low everywhere and I am not trying to brag but as I pulled the gas nozzle from my car all I could think was wahoo, Merry Christmas to me.
I just spent one glorious week in Hawaii. I was only on Oahu, mostly on the North Shore. I have listened to alot of different people discuss Hawaii. They talk about different locations, Islands, so on and so forth. The waves are huge this time of year, there was even a big surfing competition. Th...

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