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Want a cool way to market your listings?  Check this out. It's interactive and impresses your clients like you won't believe.  All this for one flat rate of $349 for the life of your listing.  If you are interested in making the technological leap to g...
Is your website static?  Do you feel that there's got to be something out there that will make me stand out from the rest.  Technology has enabled the company Realty Times to offer a new way to communicate with your customer base and prospects.  Everyone has heard and seen about video online.  Bu...
I noticed a lot of Realtors who don't understand the power of marketing.  I see a lot of Realtors using old outdated methods that don't appeal to a large audience.  I see a lot that do nothing.  The problem is, and I know this from experience, when the times are good and the money is flowing you ...
What are you going to do differently to help your customers understand what is happening in the market?  Are you going to allow them to listen to the national media and what they report?  Do you want the power back in your hands where you offer them good sound advice and news that makes sense?  D...
Hi.  It's interesting the constant barage of negative news about Nevada being so awful in so many rankings including foreclosures and blah blah blah.  Yet, Nevada still remains a highly attractive place for newbies and investors and entrepreneurs.  I encounter so many people that move here and ha...

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