FHA: Reverse Mortgage Program Changes on Six-month Horizon October 15th, 2012   The Department of Housing and Urban Development is actively seeking meaningful change to its Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program in an effort to protect its mortgage insurance fund and sustain the program long-ter...
Were Big Banks Guilty of Racial Discrimination in the Housing Crisis? Shutterstock inShare0 Share Print Share on emailEmail   In the years leading up to the housing crash, public data suggest that black would-be homeowners in Detroit were 70 percent more likely than white borrowers to receive a r...
Seniors Rush to Refinance, Lock In Historically Low Mortgage Interest Rates October 15th, 2012  Older borrowers are rushing to take advantage of rock-bottom interest rates by refinancing existing mortgages to ease their debt burden and set aside retirement funds.But some might not meet credit req...
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September 13, 2012 It Pays More Than Ever To Delay   Single people can receive tens of thousands more from Social Security over many years of retirement and couples can receive nearly $125,000 more by waiting until their late 60s to sign up. The most common age for starting up Social Security is ...
  May 4th, 1947- Richard Jenkins is an American stage, film and television actor. After beginning his career in theater, Jenkins made his film debut in 1974 in Feasting with Panthers and appeared in supporting roles in numerous film productions in the 1980s and the 1990s. He gained wide public at...
Chart of the Day: Americans’ Retirement Plans Show “Dramatic” Shift Americans are shifting their retirement expectations in light of the economic downturn and the long term outlook. More than half of workers expect to continue working past age 65, with 16% saying they never plan to retire. When i...
New® TV Channel to Reach 55 Million Households Online Real Estate Giant Adds Video on Demand to Search Experience with RealBizMedia Share By Move, Inc. Move, Inc. Last modified: 2012-05-14T10:09:48Z Published: Monday, May. 14, 2012 - 3:09 am
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Reverse Mortgage Education

Reverse Mortgage Education
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