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Never mind what-is. Connie (my mentor) used to command me after an aint it aweful whining session by saying:Who's Universe is this?Abraham Hicks says:Imagine 'it' the way you want it to BE so that your vibration is a match to your desire. When your vibration is a match to your desire, then... all...
If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. - Mark Twain (1835 - 1910) -
SELF-ANALYSIS TEST QUESTIONS from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill In conclusion of my 90-days of waking you up to the miracles of your Abundance, Rejuvenation, and Prosperity, I wanted to leave you Napoleon Hill's Self-Analysis test so you may take a good look at yourself and decide for your...
From Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill p 370 "FIFTY-SEVEN" FAMOUS ALIBIS By Old Man IF People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure (not getting what they really really want), and have what they believe to be air-tight alibis to expla...
p. 368 Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Only 2 more days of this 90-day coaching...What has changed for you? You have ABSOLUTE CONTROL over but one thing, and that is your THOUGHTS. This is the most significant and inspiring of all facts known to man! It reflects man's Divine nature. This Div...
p. 343 Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill FEAR OF CRITICISM Men and women have been burned at the stake for daring to express disbelief in the dominate thought.  It is no wonder we have inherited a consciousness which makes us fear criticism. The time was, and not so far in the past, when criti...
THE FEAR OF POVERTY from Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill p. 331 There can be no compromise between POVERTY and RICHES! The two roads that lead to poverty and riches travel in opposite directions. If you want riches, you must refuse to accept any circumstance that leads toward poverty. (The wor...
Stop the AIG Bonuses The people in AIG's financial products division are perhaps more responsible for the severity of our economic meltdown than anyone else. And yet, they're getting $450 million in bonuses. That's just plain unacceptable. On Wednesday, we have a chance to let AIG's leaders know ...
p. 326 Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Please read this post slowly, carefully, and ponder it for yourself sincerely... and feel free to repost it or send it to a friend.  This is one of the most important posts of the 90 days. FAITH vs FEAR Previous chapters have described how to develop FA...
BUILDING CHARACTER THROUGH AUTO-SUGGESTION: from Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill Being an earnest student of psychology, I knew, of course, that all men have become what they are, because of their DOMINATING THOUGHTS AND DESIRES. I knew that every deeply seated desire has the effect of causing o...

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Jane Herron is the Success Energizer at Training Without The Travel dot com. As a 30 year veteran with National Speaker's Association, Jane has been a longtime corporate trainer, productivity coach and professional speaker working in all 50-US states and 10-countries. And she is also a Realtor and Productivity Coach in Utah.