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I am reblogging this so that I can re feature it in the Newbie Group. AR Orientation works for everyone, whether you have been here for years or just joined!! "What is a blog, and how is this strange-sounding four letter word going to help me grow my business?" Blogging means many things to many...
This is a reblog of a post that caught my eye. I hope it will catch my readers eye also.....and send a message. Originally posted by:           Virginia Kail -American Way Real Estate, Cookeville Starter - Luxury Homes Cookeville, TN Buy When Blood is Running in the Streets This famous quote was ...
Please take a moment to read Anns' plans (Ann Sabbagh, Sr. Loan Officer)for homeowners to stay in their homes. If more people thought this way, maybe there would be some type of movement torwards fixing things. Homelessness in America should not be ignored! It is out of control and just because p...
It never ceases to amaze me when I am perusing the Statewide MLS, as I do daily, to see how other listings have been portrayed, what is new on the market, what prices have been reduced and what has sold, that Listing Agents use information that is totally wrong. Just this morning (which prompted...
Lisa Orme makes her point on the ups and downs of Real Estate. Read her post before you waste your time and money. If you think you have what it takes then "go for it". You've got to be kidding, right? If I had $100 for every person I've seen get into and out of real estate in three years or les...
I have lived in Rhode Island all my life and have seen many Hurricanes. Mostly I have seen many Hurricanes miss us! A few years ago, we were "watching" my neighbors waterfront home on Labor Day Weekend. As it happened, the National Weather wasn't too sure whether or not Hurricane Eduardo was goin...
I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that this Sunday, August 8th is the Annual Oakland Beach Festival! I have heard a rumor that Mother Goose is going to make an appearance so you might want to make sure your children are there!  Sponsored by the Oakland Beach Association and JONAH (...
Who would have thought that Warwick, Rhode Island would show up in one the of top 100 Best Places to Live? Yes, Warwick, has beaches, Marinas, great Restaurants, historical homes, bay side communities, but to top out at #83 of the 100 Best places to live in the nation...?  This is BIG!!! CNN Mone...
  This post was inspired by a post by Richard Weisser here. My comment was getting way too long, so here it is.  The question was about Brokerages phasing out due to the Internet.   I worry more about HGTV than the Internet! The Internet is my best friend. I have made more contacts, advertised ho...
Most Rhode Islanders' have either seen or participated in or at the very least, heard about the Burning of the Gaspee on June 9, 1772. Every year there is a parade down Narragansett Parkway in Warwick and Cranston that celebrates a fight for freedom inspired by our ancestors. From the beginning, ...

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