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Okay, all you newbies to Active Rain, this post is for you!I'm sure if you have been on this site for at least a couple of months you have been reading all the numerous posts about Confusion both in Groups and general navigating of Active Rain. The owners of Active Rain are attempting to put out ...
I have an acquaintance who may be selling their home in the near future.The market in my area has depreciated quite a bit.They asked me the other day, "What do you think my home is worth"?  I hate when this happens because now I am "on the spot" without a guide.However I am very familiar with bot...
Do you ever feel like you are running around busy all the time yet feeling like you have accomplished nothing?I do.  I was reading George Soutos' Key to being a Successful Sales Person and as I was commenting it occurred to me that Organization can be a major hindrance in accomplishing or not acc...
Last night I was up late and spent some time on Active Rain to "clean up my space". Although I must admit, I did not get very far, I noticed that someone went on an old blog of mine and deleted their comment.I have noticed this before and always wondered why someone would do that.Today I was read...
There seems to be some confusion about how and where to post blogs since the new group feature has started.Not that I claim to be a group expert, since this is still in Beta form and only around for 3 days, but here is what I know.When you create a blog post, at the bottom where it shows where to...
For those who cannot blog in their own group, you need to join your group first.
  There have been many blogs lately that do not fit the usual categories here on Active Rain. I know this (AR) is still in beta stage, but I also know that this site is similar to a large Filing cabinet. If we do not get our blogs filed correctly, we will be swamped with e-rain.I don't know how t...
  Active Listings         982 New Listings           183Sold Listings             95Expired Listings         48Off Market              100Pending                 197Average List Price        $271,289.Average Sale Price       $261,312
Happy Thanksgiving to all.It's the eve of Thanksgiving and a time to reflect on all the good things that have happened to us throughout the year.It's a time to give to people who do not have the good fortune that we have, be it financial, family, friends or fortitude.I have to say that I have rea...
Okay, I give.    Is it me or did the Blog Dashboard dissappear? I have checked the Active Rain blogs and I don't see anything pertaining to this...Anyone know what happened?

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