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As a Realtor in Rhode Island I do Broker Price Opinions for foreclosed homes and homes that are being refinanced. Yesterday, I had a call to do an Interior Opinion. It was a rush order and I hurried to the home to get pictures before dark since these homes usually have the electricity turned off....
Paul Silver wrote in his article on Active Rain that now is a great time to buy and I agree. This last year has had home buyers holding their breath trying to decide whether to buy now or wait out what was starting to appear to be a possible bubble burst for Rhode Island. Being in the business h...
  I just recently read a very thought provoking article in More Magazine regarding home ownership and Single Women. It included a statistic from the NAR that Single women represented 21% of all buyers in 2005 and they bought at twice the rate of Single men! 21%! Thats a lot of Single Woman Homeo...
Real Estate Resolutions. We all make resolutions in our personal life. And we may make goals in our business life, but do we make resolutions in our business life? I don't usually.This year, I am going to actually make resolutions for my business. And I am posting this so I will feel more respon...
We all have a thing..I was reading Carole Cohen's post about teaching and being part of the solution when it occurred to me that we all have something that we lean torwards. With Carole, it is teaching. She is just starting to realize that she can combine her Real Estate expertise and her Teachi...
  After reading one of Broker Bryants blogs regarding short sales and foreclosures, it occurred to me that a lot of Loan Officers and Realtors tend to place the blame on not only themselves but everyone except the actual homebuyer for letting themselves slip in to an untenable situation. Realtors...
The REO fallacy. Are you looking for a great deal in an investment property. Or the quintessential flip? All you have to do is check the foreclosures online and in every paper and arrive at the auction. Yeah right! How many auctions have ended up with a non bank buyer?  Okay, well I see them on ...
I am writing this because I will not have time to get to all of you personally.The holidays can be a wonderful time and also a time of great stress. Whatever holiday you celebrate, you need to be remembering people and trying to get a zillion things done. Make lists for everyone you may possibly ...
Okay, I've been nemed along with a couple of thousand others here at Active Rain.Actually I have been nemed twice so I guess that means I need to tell 10 things about myself that no one here knows.  I have two grandchildrenI have two sonsI have two step daughtersI have an aka, which I will not di...
The other day I received a phone call from Margaret Rome. She had recently read and commented on a blog that I had written. She was basically calling to "put a face to the writer" and to tell me she liked one of my comments. Now I have received calls from other Active Rainers before. There are a...

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