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      Get Real With Curb Appeal      This day and age, people are busier and technology has provided access to make decisions based on a downloaded snapshot.  With more and more people searching for their dream home online, potential buyers could shy away from viewing your property simply based o...
    House Hunting Hazards     With the housing market's ups and downs throughout the last five years, it is alway best to keep on your toes when looking for your next home.  House hunting can be both exciting and exhausting.  During this process, there are some common mistakes buyers tend to fall...
Spend an Hour - Gain 20 Seconds   In the span of 20 seconds, a person can: *Become annoyed waiting for an elevator. *Get bored with a Web page and click away. *Fall in love with someone. ...And even fall in love with a house.      A new study shows that sellers have just seconds to attract an in...