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I hope you can get a bit of wisdom and inspiration out of these quotes and from the people who have walked before us. Arguing with a fool proves there are two.Doris M. Smith The less you speak, the more you will hear.Alexander Solshenitsen The art of being yourself at your best is the art of unfo...
How would you like to get along even better with others in your personal relationships and in the workplace? Getting along well with people sounds kind of general and is difficult to do much about, so let's break it down into some manageable and specific skills. By building the following skills, ...
I know from time to time we run into clients that have low credit scores.  You really want to give them something of value to help them clean that up so they can qualify for better rates and get into homes, etc. Here is another great option for your clients.  It is a company called "Credit Consul...
 This website is awesome for your clients that need to clean up their credit score.  This website was given to me from one of our Lenders.  I actually did this myself and my FICO is 700! This web address goes to an agency that allows people to opt out of receiving credit card promotions etc via U...
  I think it's always nice to give your clients some helpful hints of how to clean up their credit.  They really appreciate it when you go the extra mile for their benefit.  10 ways to clean up your credit history The way you've handled credit - such as cards, loans and mortgages - in the past ca...

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