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I have come across this bunny a number of times over the past few weeks. He (or she) seems to have no fear of anyone. I took this photo with my phone, and I did not zoom in or crop the picture! As you can see, s/he is relaxing as s/he eats some straw -- and I am a mere foot away! S/he is a small...
Spring finally made its' way to us here in Baltimore! We've still had some cold snaps, but in general, finally the trees are blooming, and my car is covered in pollen! :) We had crazy rain storms a few weeks ago that caused many homes to have basement leaks, some cars were flooded, and you may ha...
Yes, we are STILL anxiously awaiting Spring in Baltimore. TUESDAY (yes, March 25) brought us MORE SNOW (but luckily, it wasn't 8+" like last week -3/17 - where I wrote about it in my first post of dreaming of spring in Baltimore. It stuck mostly to the grass, foliage and houses, and only a dustin...
I am anxiously awaiting Spring in Baltimore. We have had a very rough winter. Many snow storms (one school system nearby has had ELEVEN snow days. Seven were built in, and often, the schools get out early because they are not all used!) Temperatures so cold in two separate "polar vortexes" that ...
Losing Electricity in Baltimore can happen when we have an ice storm, resulting in trees crashing to the ground and taking the power lines down with them. And yes, it happened to over 49,000 of us in Baltimore County on Wednesday, over 85,000 in the service area of our power company. As of 10am ...
We are having a freezing cold winter in Baltimore! How freezing? Well, as of 9am today, our temperature is 10 degrees, but the windchill is MINUS 4. This is the second "polar vortex" we've had in as many weeks. Here in Baltimore, the Mid-Atlantic, we are used to having some snow, but it usually ...
A stamp price increase will happen January 26, 2014. A regular stamp will cost 49 cents come January 26, 2014. Forever stamps can be purchased at the current rate of 46 cents each until January 26, and can be used, well, essentially "forever." The largest/most noticeable increase will be the pric...
Halloween in Towson in 2013 started spooky -- we have a dense fog out there! I wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween. Be careful out there! Use LOW BEAMS in your cars -- high beams tend to bounce off the fog. Make sure to look out for kiddos -- both in the morning on the way to work & school A...
Beautiful Fall Sunrises are prevalent in Towson, Maryland. We had a few days in a row that were just spectacular. There have been enough clouds in the sky to reflect the bright colors, but not enough cloud cover to cover it up! Many areas of Towson have mature, large trees, so we don't see the be...
Gorgeous sky over OCMD (or Ocean City, Maryland.) Walking out of the King Kone Ice Cream Shop at 143rd Street, the sky was just amazing. It had been cloudy much of the day, but the sun decided to make an appearance for sunset -- and reflect beautifully off the clouds! I grabbed my iphone because ...

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