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Over the last several years working the real estate markets in and around Denver, Colorado, I have been asked periodically if I would like to join my client for a meal, a drink, or refreshment.     For the longest time, my answer was "No, thank you very much for offering."  Overall , it didn't s...
Don't Use The "F" Word In My House!! - Hope is out there - By: Jon Patterson F !@$#$%# !!!  How many times have I told you not to use that kind of language around here.  I'm so sick of the "F" word all the time - I hear kids say it, little kids! - people blame it on the radio and TV and the media...
Jon's Top Ten Lists Top 10 Inexpensive Ways To Help Your Home Sell Faster! By: Jon Patterson  Hi again everyone!  I'm an experienced Real Estate Broker out of Denver, Colorado, and I've seen some great homes ruined by poor presentation, and some mediocre homes made amazing with just a touch of fl...
Jon's Top Ten Lists Top Ten Mistakes Made By Fix ‘n Flipper's By: Jon Patterson   I'm an investor and a Realtor in the Greater Denver Area and I've seen many successful, lucky, unsuccessful and failed real estate investments.  The most popular investment for first time investors is the highly pu...
I had an interesting question come across my desk today.  I had an investor tell me he saw a neighbor moving out down the street.  The hosue has been somewhat neglected for the last few years in an otherwise nice neighborhood.  So, out of curiosity, I pulled an O&E from my local title company and...
Every month I get calls from my clients whoo say "I found an ad in ______, can you tell me more about it?"  So I go hunt it down and it looks like this: 3/2 - New Kitchen - 720-555-5555 Have you ever seen these?!?  As an agent, what can I do, spend 20 minutes trying to hunt it down by in the MLS ...
In today's market, I've found increasing problems with Real Estate Appraisal.  I've talked with various appraisers about their methods for assessing a property, and usually they are fairly similar. The property must be within a certain square footage range (usually around 200+/-), be of the same ...

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