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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
Honestly, I didn't know where I would go with this post but after receiving this "heart felt" solicitation I knew I had to post something about it.Don't such greetings just warm your heart? Dear Resident... ranks right up there with Occupant, Box Holder, Hey You, and Butt Head doesn't it.I though...
I Love you... FALLIn six plus decades I've never said I love you Fall. That is until this week as I've been contemplating the challenge put forth by Kathy Streib . As a matter of fact I'm well known to have said I hate fall because it means that winter is just around the corner.Yesterday I had an...
Don't forget the Downtown Minot HauntsIf you are looking for well decorated properties or for Halloween cards and gifts don't forget about Downtown Minot. Here are a few window scenes I shot just this morning. We don't have much for window display space at the Titus & Philemon Art Gallery but Tim...
I'm afraid that the BEST show of Fall colors in Minot may be past already, or at least near it's end by now, but I'm sure can still find some remnants if you "get on it" right away. The shot below was taken at the Game and Fish pond a couple of weeks ago in the middle of The ND State Fairgrounds....
I have mentioned in the past that I don't read books... I do however read the Minot Daily news cover to cover as well as several magazines each month. One such magazine is Singingnews, The Voice of Southern Gospel Music.This is a very entertaining publication and in a time that printed subscripti...
Every Spring we purchase hanging flower baskets from Menards in Minot. I don't go "whole hog", we usually purchase the cheapest ones on sale for about $6.00.They seldom last till the first killer frost because we often lose interest and the sun bakes them to death due to our lack of diligence.Thi...
The words are flowing freely here, for me, on this Wednesday October 13th. I'm on the air and on the phones as I usually am twice a year to help support keep Christian Radio in Minot ND.This has been a labor of love for me for approximately the last 20 years. I credit Christian radio with my salv...
In the City limits of Minot and in the heart of The North Dakota State Fairgrounds is a little oasis maintained by the ND State Game and Fish Department. They maintain two little ponds that they stock so families can enjoy time together fishing (catch and release).The area around the pond is a wo...
I'm back into the photo walk mode thanks to my son's new photography class. Timmothy is in his second year of college (majoring in Art) and this semester he has a photo class.Ever since Tina and Timmothy could hold a camera I've made sure they each owned a good one but that spark did not really t...
I came up with this yesterday and I have yet to ask Timmothy if I could use his characters, Titus & Philemon, so if you don't like what I did please do not hold it against the author of the Titus & Philemon comic strip... it's not his work.This is NOT a political statement. In my office you are f...

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