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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
Originally I was going to title this "Put your money where your mouth is" but I'm old enough and wise enough to know that the following demand is someone asking the government to use my money, NOT theirs.In the 1970's the City of Minot took on a huge project to thwart the damage from future flood...
Yesterday, while at a remote closing, I needed a Kleenex so I reached into my briefcase to find one. Lucky for me I had planned ahead (at some unknown time of the past) and put one of those little packets in my briefcase. As I replenished my supply today I was thinking about my "history" of ownin...
Every time I get/set up a new computer I transfer my family pictures to it. Recently I was "gathering" all the pictures I have on all my various computers to put on one Western Digital 3 terabyte external hard drive. In doing so I noticed that some of my pictures had become distorted for one reas...
Carol and Timmothy are done decorating the house and it looks excellent. Carol's Christmas mug collection (a very small section shown above) is out. The tree and everything else is in it's place where it will decorate the house until what ever weekend follows New Years Day.I, however have just go...
On today's photo walk Timmothy and I set out to capture some color. What better place, especially during North Dakota's winter months, to look for color then a schools playground equipment.Carol dressed for the occasion. I asked her to wave so she wouldn't be to perfectly camouflaged. Where is Bu...
I am not sure if I post a Thank You to Active Rain every year when we are giving thanks as a challenge but if I don't I should and here is why:I used to love writing in my High School years and I excelled at it. Honestly, I was so good at it that my Creative Writing teacher, Ms. Peggy, stole abou...
LOVEI think it's just incredible that anyone loves me... or you... or anyone other than themselves for that matter. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?Even if you are not "churched" what was the very first thing you were taught about God as a child?                         God is love. Well now we've grown up an...
As we are now “officially” in the Holiday Season I am thinking about the wonderful advancements that have been made in the field of photography. I’m not sure what the year was when I really woke up to the wonders of photography. Before I embraced it photography was more of a hassle as it seemed w...
I am very thankful for my spiritual advisor, Pastor Nate Walther and his support staff (also known as his family).  Two years ago we switched churches and denominations from LCMS (Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod) to WELS (Wisconson Evengelical Lutheran Synod). The two churches are very similar i...
Remembering back to my childhood the best family times in the Leland Timm family household were Sunday dinners and game time. At those two times you could usually count on all family members being around the table, even my work-aholic father. I don't remember if I had that "gotta win or I'm going...

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