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Real estate marketing, technology, custom web sites, personal branding, agent branding, brochures, flyers, postcards.
We are finishing up development of a new clients website, and we always like to get the opinions of other agents on what they like and dislike on the website.  We have recently started using Active Rain, and thought it would be great to throw our new sites out to AR for your opinions!  Please Not...
Almost everyone in the real estate market has a PDA phone of some sort, whether it be the TRIO Windows Or Palm Based, or another Windows based pda (Moto Q, Audiovox phones, and Others)  The Blackberry, and now The Apple I-Phone! I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a I-Phone, a friend has it...
I get requests all the time from clients asking what most people want in their websites....I've decided to ask active rain members what THEY are looking for in a website or what they requested to have in a website but were unable to have. So... What do you like most in your website, what would yo...

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