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Tips and commentary on using the Internet and technology tools to manage and market a real estate business.
At Amazon.comThe Real Estate Agent's Desk Reference is a collection of years of articles written by James Kimmons as a freelance content provider to, now There is also some new material created especially for this book.The articles have been updated for current relevancy...
You've worked hard to learn what you can about SEO and PPC, and you even understand these jokes: Question:  What do you call two twins who are happy?Answer:  Duplicate Content Question:  What does a Chiropractor fix?Answer:  Back Links So, you do everything right, or as best you can with your bud...
There's an anonymous old joke that photographers like.  "If you saw a man drowning and could either save him or photograph the event ... what kind of film would you use?" Obviosly, photographers tend to view everything they see as a potential photograph, and the best of them also have the imagina...
Remember the very famous Muhammad Ali speech where he says "I am the greatest..."?  He was announcing this, bragging, whatever you want to call it.  However, if you wanted to challenge him in person on that statement related to boxing, I'm sure that he could make it painfully obvious for you that...
A recent government survey that cost $4 billion to conduct found that 3/4 of the people in the U.S. make up 75% of the total population. Let's forget for the moment how our tax dollars are wasted, and this is just a statistics joke I found on the Web, so it's not true ... I hope.  However, it is ...
A crusty old man walks into a real estate office and says to a young sales rep, “I want to sell my house you son of a b…..” A little astonished the agent replies, “I beg your pardon sir, I must have misunderstood you. What did you say?” “Listen up, damn it. I said I want to sell my bloody house!”...
There are only two people in the world who really know how Google's search algorithms work ... I'm not one of them, and those two don't agree.  That's from a website full of SEO guru jokes, most just adapted from attorney jokes.  I want to make it clear that I do not consult on SEO or SEM anymore...
OK, if all you care about are listings, and you only buy print advertising because your listing clients mistakenly think it's effective, then you may want to skip the rest of this post.  But, if you like to work with buyers as well as sellers, and you want to find them when they're ready to buy, ...
Now I know why so many real estate professionals don't like the number or quality of leads they get from their websites.  NAR's annual Member Profile was just released for 2012. Let's take a look at some of the revelations in this member profile about business Realtors are getting from their webs...
Google does April Fools jokes every year, and in 2007 the joke was a rollout of the new feature "Gmail Paper."  But, we can't just laugh with Google, we need to work with it too.   This was a hoax of course, but it gets an honorable mention in lists of the best Google April 1st hoaxes. What's not...

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