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This past weekend I decided to take a little break from my usual surroundings. I live in the Twin Cities, and I wanted to get away from the city life for just a couple days and unwind. A friend of mine reccommended Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge as a good place for a weekend get-a-way. After doing a li...
I met a safety training professional at a local small business gathering the other night. We hit it off pretty quick and I found his industry really fascinating. It's always fun to learn about new industries and how they intereact with the rest of the business world. His company's big contributio...
I want to make a recommendation to a great Minneapolis Attorney.   Rory Durkin at Giancola Law Office is a great Criminal Defense Attorney.   Their areas of practice cover most Criminal cases and you can check out thier site here: Minneapolis DWI Lawyer.
If you live in the Modesto Area and need a Hearing aid.  Contact Posey's  Poseys offers a wide array of hearing options for Modesto Hearing Aids.
I want to make a reccomendation.  If any of you are looking for an apartment in St. Paul, I would highly reccommend REE Aparments.  They know St. Paul Apartments
If I had just one SEO tip to recommend to my fellow bloggers, it would be to write guest posts. I recommend guest posting because link building is so important in SEO. Many webmasters neglect to build links so you’ll have a competitive advantage if you guest post. And the quantity and quality of ...
I know that most people really dont have enough time just keeping up with all the various social media.  But, I just started a new project that I think is really fun and will provide people more information about me personally, when they are considering using my company. It all started when I fou...
Hi folks, There is a very kick a.. new SEO tool that is basic enough to help even novices get better search rank on their own sites. It is called SEO Quake and it is a tool bar add on for the FireFox search engine.  Here is a screen shot of what it looks like. How to use it:  Just download the ex...
This tip is a little bit on the advanced side but you should definitely check it out or forward it on to your site manager.  Why?  Anything to be number one ranked on Google.  If your webpages use images, image maps or photos, you should make use of the ALT image tag. ALT image tags are an exten...
If you are a regular these are probably too easy.  if not here goes. These are the 5 basic steps that you should follow when you’re trying to optimize any web page. You would use these steps whether you were trying to optimize your home page, a sub page, a post page, or any other type of page. Th...

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