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I'm excited about the new Activerain. I hadn't logged in for a few years but the news that Activerain has been purchased by Ben Kinney has brought me back .... "Just when I thought I was out ...they pull me back in"  
I love what Activerain has done with Rain Camp by adding a second day and really drilling deep into blogging strategies that work in today's real estate market. I only wish that there was a stop in Denver. Then again, who am I kidiing, I might just go to the Dallas event this weekend to hang out ...
Take a look at how much more time your clients spent on social networks in 2009! That's right, your clients spent 82% more time on social networks compared to one year ago.  The latest figures released by Nielsen show that members spend 82% more time on social networks than they did just one year...
Here's how to be a power real estate social media marketer using Twitter. Unlike Facebook or Linked In, Twitter allows you to set up multiple accounts. I'm not absolutely sure as to the number of accounts you can have but I know people with 50 plus accounts. You certainly don't need that many but...
What's the point of real estate social media marketing if it doesn't lead you to the closing table and a commission check?  Like Jerry Maguire said "Show me the money".  The whole goal of social media marketing is to find new prospects online and convert them into real estate closings.  Unfortuna...
(Picture by Jill Greenberg) I wanna be like Tiger, I mean Aston! Ok, I know what you're thinking - "What's Ashton Kutcher got to do with real estate social media marketing? What can I learn from that half wit from That 70's Show?" The answer is ‘everything"! In the space of less than two years, ...
Here's a great analogy for managing your social media marketing ... the Social Media Orchestra!Communicating and marketing with your customers or potential customers used to be simple. You had a few options such as TV, radio, print, etc. The advent of the Internet and the recent growth of Social ...
Nielsen just released its latest data on the number of unique visitors per social media site. The numbers are staggering: "Among the top 10 social media sites, was again the fastest growing, increasing 1,928 percent year-over-year, from 1 million unique visitors in June 2008 to 21 mil...
If you're thinking about using Twitter to grow your real estate business, you may want to think about the following stat: 60% of new Twitter users quit using Twitter after one month. There's even a name for them - Twitter Quitters. Here's a copy of the results from a study by Nielsen: "About 60 p...
By now we've all read the NAR statistics that 84% of home buyers and sellers start the process online. I like to keep track of trends in the real estate industry and particularly like to look at how well the large real estate portals are doing. Here's the latest figures from Nielsen on the welfar...

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