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If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, Don't give up so fast!, there are options that are available to you.
Just a quick not to the boat owners out there that West Palm Beach ,Florida is having there  Boat show  here is downtown West Palm Beach  Thru March 27th.  Lots t of boats to view and lots of good food. Also a good change to get to see beatutiful down town West Palm Beach. I live here at the Stra...
  Information on the first-time homebuyer credit and tax refund It appears that the IRS has been having some processing issues that are affecting some of the returns involving repayment of the first-time homebuyer credit. Most of the issues appear to be involving the 2008 home purchases. It appea...
Pmi Insurance Pro & Cons So, you’re putting less than a 20% down payment on the house you are buying and you are getting a conventional loan. Your lender has given you the option of paying a monthly private mortgage insurance (PMI) premium or offering you a higher rate where the lender pays it, k...
In addition to being a Real Estate Broker I am an Insurance agent  here in Florida and provide low cost  Health Insurance for Florida  and about 15 other states thru my company. For anyone willing to put forth the time and effort there are affordable plans available . Blue Cross/Blue Shield has a...
7 Tips for Improving Your C Boost your credit score by paying the balance on your credit cards in full, and on time, every month. Image: Rob Daly/OJO Images/Getty Images Getting the loan that suits your situation at the best possible price and terms makes homebuying easier and more affordable. H...
Just a reminder that anyone hoping to take advantage of the $8,000 home buyer tax credit, needs to be under contract by next month April 30 2010. and close by June 30 2010.
New Home Sales Are the Worst since 1995   Purchases of new homes fell to a new 12 year low ending in Dec of last year, the biggest annual decline on record. The medium price also dropped last month by 10% from Dec 2006, the biggest decline in 37 years.  These reports may reinforce the concern tha...
Selling your house with code violations. The following information  is not specific to all cities and counties, please contact your own city and county to verify any permit issues.        Selling your house with code violations could be very costly to you the seller. You should inform all prospec...
  Pyramid Of LifeUse this In Your LifeTalk-------- ------SoftlyWalk-------- -------HumblyEat--------- --------- -SensiblyBreathe----- --------- -----DeeplySleep------- --------- -----Sufficientl yDress------- --------- --------- --SmartlyAct--------- --------- --------- ----FearlesslyWork--------...
Building your own home Building your own home can be difficult, but you can get a decent ball park  figure if you have a good idea about the floor plan and materials you want  before choosing a contractor.  Construction cost currently average between $95 and $150 per sq foot according to B4UBuild...

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