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 Summer is the warmest season of the year, occurring between spring and autumn. With temperatures up and school out, homeowners and renters just want to have vacation and enjoy summer -- which sometimes means taking the risk to leave your home for a while. Although they do lock their doors, but a...
 One of the best ways to avoid problems with neighbors over your trees is to know your rights and responsibilities as tree-keeper. In general, the landowner where tree grows will be the respondent to take care and maintain well to prevent injury, death or damage to a neighbor’s property.  If land...
 Avoid fire hazards Human negligence sometimes causes fire that may result to injury, property damages or even death. Fire safety measures must always perform in every home and building unit. In order to avoid fire hazards, tenants should:  ·         Don’t put burning materials in garbage bins li...
Tips for security in rental home or unit Security in Rental Home and Unit Always protect yourself, your neighbours, and your home. Tips:  ·         Do not let anyone into your rental home or unit to block that you don't know or report suspicious people standing or walking around the building to y...
Deductions from Tenancy Deposits Remember, landlord should not make any deductions from your tenancy deposit just because of a sort personal problem between landlord and tenant. Landlords can only claim or can deduct if they have financial loss that they have actually suffered.  Reasonable deduct...
How to Handle Dirty Tenants Dirty tenants can be landlord’s problems. And due to unclean living conditions, it can cause growth of pest, like bugs and rodents and can cause health hazards and worst it can bring down the property value. Ultimately it make very difficult to re-rent. If your propert...
How To Keep Your Rental Unit? Always remember, it is important to avoid conflicts with your landlord.  As a tenant follows what is written in the lease agreement and do what is tenants right, as well as landlord will do what is his right. ·         Be sure that you pay your rent on time. The land...
  For Dog Owners: How to Prevent Injuries to Your Family and Neighbors  Don't think that because your dog is gentle, old, or small, it can't cause an injury. Any dog can hurt someone. Even the owner can hurt from their own pet. And majority of dog bites victim is the family or friends. Normally d...
 Tips How To Make Sure Getting My Rental Deposit Back When I Move Out ·         Usually, landlord will ask for a deposit fee together with the first month payment; so make to sure ask for a receipt when the deposit is delivered. The receipt should state and spell our correctly it is for a rental ...
 How to Raise Kids with Dogs? When your household contains both children and dogs, you can use methods to demonstrate and practice to achieve the best possible levels of safety for both parties. When you raise kids with dogs, you must teach them both to be respectful of one another. Prepare Dogs ...

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