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I’ve written before about business planning and how important it is to establish goals, objectives, and a structure to your business. However, there is a step that is just as important to take before you get to the planning stage: evaluation. We all know the income roller coaster that goes along...
Everyone wants to grow, learn and improve. Every agent wants to become better at the job, smarter, more flexible, able to see more, plan better, and achieve more. But exactly how does one go about this? There are many paths, of course, to a better you, but one of the most tried and true methods ...
During my years selling real estate, before I’d set out on my career as a sales coach, I used to find myself in frequent conversations with clients about the importance of setting the right sales prices for their homes. Sellers were often intent on overpricing their homes, wanting (quite underst...
Real estate is, of course, a people business. As an agent, it isn’t just your job to make connections, cultivate relationships, and be generally known and liked. Doing those things is, in fact, your livelihood. But in all that, there’s one detail that often gets overlooked: Being a real estate a...
We all know the old adage, “Buyers are liars.” Ask a buyer or any other real estate client to describe his or her goals, and you can be sure that the response will bear only the vaguest resemblance to the truth. Why? Naturally, they’re not intentionally deceiving you. They just don’t know what t...
Real estate coaching is on the rise—if you didn’t know it already, consider that the Wall Street Journal recently profiled the industry in a lovely write-up about its history and recent successes. But two statistics from the article struck me as seemingly contradictory. First, Keller Williams Re...
  We all know those clients. They call you at 7AM on a Sunday, or 7 PM on a Friday, always without apology. They cause that heart-sink when you see their names appear on your phone or in your inbox. These are the clients from whom—no matter how hard you work, how much you do for them, or how man...
  I’ve been meaning to write about agent safety for quite a while, and sadly, recent events have made it more relevant than ever. You may not think of real estate as a dangerous profession, and in the broad sense it isn’t. But working in real estate can often mean working alone and meeting stran...
  Once upon a time, before I was a real estate sales coach, I was a real estate sales agent and manager. I managed three offices, overseeing the sales activities of close to 100 real estate agents. And it wasn’t unusual for one of them to wander into my office, slump in a chair, and declare, “I ...
  Ah, the desk. For many of us, it’s the center of work life. It’s where we make phone calls, send emails, prepare presentations, conduct research, and do a host of other essential things that keep our businesses going. The work desk looms so large, in fact, that it can keep us from remembering ...

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