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The real estate business asks a lot of agents. You need to always be on call. You need to be unfailingly patient, understanding, and positive no matter the circumstances. You need to have knowledge of the market that’s both deep and broad. And on top of all this, if you market yourself (as most ...
  You know how it goes: There’s a client on the phone screaming into your ear about your failings. Blaming a difficult transaction on you. Demanding to know why you haven’t closed the deal yet to their exact specifications. When my coaching clients find themselves in this position, one the most ...
  There are very few problems in life that cannot be solved with a good acronym. Take, for instance, the problem of setting and achieving goals. In theory, this is a simple process. Set a goal, work hard, reach the goal. What could go wrong? But many of us find the process much muddier than that....
  With the holidays upon us, I thought it timely to write a little about the importance of taking time off. I know, I know, you’re busy. You have a new listing coming on right after the New Year, and you have a lot to do to get the house ready. You have those buyers from out of town who can only...

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