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I write blogs often about life in the Boise area, what it is like living in different areas of the Southeast Boise, East Boise, Northeast and North Boise. I also cover important real estate topics such as the real estate trends in the Boise area, market statistics, homes, neighborhoods and much more. My blogs will give you the information you may need to make an informed decision about homes in the area, relocation or choosing the right Realtor wherever you may be. They also will give you a glimpse into who I am, my personality and offer you some insight if we may be a good fit to work together.
Boise Readers find few Housing News Jolts…until Tuesday   With our Boise housing news behaving pretty much in line with the rest of the nation’s—that is, exactly as expected for a brisk spring selling season—you don’t usually expect to see much eye-catching housing news in the national press. Tha...
Property Management Success Buoyed by Defined SkillsetBecome a landlord!Be your own boss!Build equity that someone else pays for!These may sound like the kind of come-ons that you tune out when you hear them on the radio or TV, but, surprisingly, they’re actually more reality-based than not. Whet...
The Two Differing Situations for Boise Comparables  There are two kinds of situations that homeowners looking at town comparables run into: THE SIMPLE COMPS: Your Boise home is part of an area that’s more uniform than not, in a neighborhood where there are a sufficient number of similar houses to...
Retirees Rethink Retirement — of Their Boise Mortgage!Last week, The Wall Street Journal ran an article about personal finances that Boise, Idaho mortgage payers who are at or near retirement age should find thought-provoking. It centered on the idea that today’s retirees are often making a decis...
One-Question Exam: A Credit Report True/False QuizHere is a one-question True or False exam that every futureBoise, Idaho first-time home buyer should take:True or False:One sure way to build a strong credit report is to pay your bills on time.(Answer: False)Particularly for a first-time Boise ho...
Boise Listings Might Echo U.S. Trend toward LessJust as with movie credits, the features you find in Boise listingshave a “billing order.” The “stars” may not be printed in gigantic superstar type—but the order in which they appear do reflect changes in current buyer priorities. For a homeowner s...
Fitting Boise Real Estate Prices into the Long TermWhenever you are getting ready to buy or sell a residence, taking the temperature of the local housing market is part of how you prepare to engage. When Boise real estate prices are on the rise, bargain hunters know they’ll have to scramble. When...
Selling Your Home — Assuming Success is the Way to Go! If you’re thinking of selling your home in Boise this summer, you’ll want to fetch top dollar for your efforts. Preparing the property is a given, of course, but savvy home sellers often share another kind of preparation. They prepare themsel...
Online Boise Virtual Tours & VideoIn today’s Boise, more and more often shopping of all kinds has become a virtual affair. Instant information is at everyone’s fingertips—nowhere truer than in Boise, Idaho real estate. No sooner has today’s buyer made the decision to start looking than—boom!—the ...
Goal of a Thorough Home Inspection: Future Peace of MindWhenever we think of how our Boise, Idaho home staging professionals approach their craft, it’s all the positives that come to mind—how they transform a ho-hum living room into a welcoming showplace; a run-of-the-mill front porch into a curb...

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As Your Boise Real Estate Agent, there's So Much More to Serving You! Serving the entire Boise Id Treasure Valley area. Find solutions to all your Idaho Real Estate needs and questions here. Search homes for sale in Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, Nampa, and Caldwell. Conduct your own personal Boise homes search with any criteria or detail you wish; always free current information from the Boise Idaho MLS. New Boise Home listings for sale are updated daily. Start your own home search today. Being in the Real Estate business means way more than just helping someone sell or buy a home. For me Nick Smith it is about being there anytime you and your family has a need or a question that we can help you answer. Please enjoy your Boise Idaho home search experience and let me know what I can do to improve your home buying experience. Always glad to help! Remember, I am ONLY a phone call away! (208) 859-6590 Nick Smith Silvercreek Realty Group.