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What's Going On With Mortgage Rates? The Fallout From QE2 November 19, 2010 After reaching the lowest levels in decades, mortgage rates have shot higher over the past two weeks. There is not a simple explanation for why this happened, but looking at the many factors which are influencing mortgag...
Reverse Mortgage Scams (Alternate title: Dealing with My Stupid Criminal Loan Officer Peers) I wish I could say that this was a "stupid criminal" situation like Jay Leno loves to see.  It is not. If you would like to get really ticked off, read on.  I received a call two days ago from a reverse m...
     New Fannie Mae Loan Lookup Available for Borrowers   As more borrowers become familiar with the Making Home Affordable program, there has been an increase in borrower inquiries regarding the identity of their mortgage investor. To help borrowers answer this question, we have launched theFann...
Important Information for Those Over 70 ½ Years of Age Who Are Eligible to Take Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) From Their IRA and/or Qualified Retirement Plan The Worker Retiree and Employer Recovery Act (WRERA) signed into law by former President Bush on December 23, 2008 contains, among ...
My good friend Richard DeGrace e-mailed me an article today that created one of those "WOW" occasions. We have heard every single party out there as the blame for the "bubble" that we are experiencing in real estate. All I am going to say is read this - maybe you'll feel the same way I did.   Ste...
The Treasury Department has moved at record speed to implement one piece of the new American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Act aka the stimulus act. The Department and the Internal Revenue Service which will manage it announced on Wednesday that forms and regulations are already in place ...
This past week I got a chuckle out of overhearing some conversations. I am glad people try to be polite and strike up a conversation, but some people just don't think about what they say. Just maybe, not speaking would be better. How about throwing out a nice smile instead of inserting your foot...
Home Improvement LoanTwo special loans administered through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) are the Title I and Section 203(k) programs. A Title I loan allows you to borrow up to $25,000 for improvements to a single-family home. These are fixed-rate loans that FHA insures against the ris...
02/18/2009    Please visit us, complete our On-Line application and we will call you within 24 hours! We have FHA underwriters on staff for quick approvals!  
  HOUSING AND ECONOMIC RECOVERY ACT OF 2009 2009 First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Fact Sheet Who is Eligible • The $8,000 tax credit is available for first-time home buyers only. • The law defines "first-time home buyer" as a buyer who has not owned a principal residence during the three-year per...

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Aurora Financial Group, South Jersey's largest independent mortgage banker. More than 20,000 area consumers have received over $2.1 billion from Aurora over the past two decades. We offer a wide variety of mortgage products, including specialized programs targeted for first-time homebuyers and retirees/seniors. Since it's founding, Aurora has been at the forefront of innovative and addordable residential financing. Some of Aurora's notable achievements are: •Largest originator in southern NJ of government backed loans (FHA, VA, RHS), 1986 to present •Largest participant in NJ Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA) programs, 1990 to present •Largest originator or Rural Housing Service guaranteed rural housing loans, 1992 to present •A leading providor of renovation and rehab loans using Fannie Mae's "Home-Style", FHA 203k, and NJHMFA's mixed use "upstairs-downstown" and home remodeling "HomePlus" programs •Seller-Servicer for Fannie Mae, NJHMFA, and numerous banks, pensions funds, and private investors. "Aurora Financial Group Inc. (NMLS # 7096) is a licensed Mortgage Banker - States of NJ & PA Departments of Banking."