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Useful information based on and around the credit scoring model.
Wednesday Q & AThis week on Wednesday Q&A Joe assists a 23 year old who discovers something quite frightening on her credit report! Kellllyannn21 says that she is very upset becuase she doesn't know how the cards were taken out in her name or what to do to resolve the issue. Joe explains that she...
Wednesday Q & AThis week's Wednesday Q&A explains why someone's Credit Report might show inaccurate information such as someone else's social secuity number! It can be shocking to see the wrong name or social security number when looking at your credit report. Joe explains how mistakes like this ...
Wednesday Q & AOn Wednesday Q&A this week, Joe gives some excellent advice on Loans and Cedit Cards. He answers the question, "How can I get a loan with a 522 credit score? I have never had a credit card. I need a loan or a creditg card." Found out the possibilities of secured or unsecured loans ...
Wednesday Q & AThis week ‪we‬ answer the question "Can a charged off account be marked as 'closed derogatory' on Transunion AND 'open' on Equifax?" See the answer here!   
Wednesday Q & A Will paying off my installment loans increase my credit score?  
Wednesday Q & AThis week on Wednesday Q&A we address what is known as a "Mixed Credit Profile" or what happens when your credit profile contains the information of someone else!   
Wednesday Q & AThis week on Wednesday Q&A we discuss the impact of multiple inquiries!   
Who would have imagined that damaged credit could start with something as simple as returning an item to the store?  When Nicole Berstecher returned a non-compatible speaker to a national electronics store, it was promised that the credit would be returned to her store rewards card.   Instead, a ...
Wednesday Q & AThis week on Wednesday Q&A we answer a question about why paid collections kill a credit score?!   
Are You Financially Ready to Purchase a Home?   There are many factors to consider when determining whether you are ready to purchase a home; perhaps one of the most important is your financial state. Use these indicators to decide whether all signs point to “go.” ·         Your credit is in good...

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