The Practical Guide to Energy Efficiency

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While we in NJ have the distinction of having some of the highest property taxes in the nation, we also have some of the best schools in the nation. NJ is amongst the leaders in the nation when it comes to high school students going onto collage.  Another area we are leaders is in energy rebates ...
Discover Union County History, Oct. 18-19:Re-Live Four Centuries in a Weekend   On Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 18-19, you can experience the rich history of Union County as you travel back in time during "Four Centuries in a Weekend, 2008." The annual heritage festival, sponsored by the Union Coun...
As a means of expanding my market coverage, I frequently give presentations at real estate offices to realtors on several topics, including Home Energy Efficiency.  Questions inevitably come to me on contractors, and what to look for. Here in NJ many professionals require some type of government ...

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This blog will is dedicated to sharing with you practical information that you can use to make your home and or business more energy efficient.