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Here you'll find Real Estate market updates and other information of interest to those buying & selling a home.
I just returned from yet another eviction hearing on a repo.  I was amazed that I was number 11 out of 15 for that afternoon session.  15...all evictions, and all just for that one afternoon session.  Out of the 15 eviction hearings, all but only 2 were for banks evicting tenants out of foreclose...
Just an FYI to the community. I was just notified today from another agent that she tried to fax me a referral for a client and the fax number wasn't working.  In actuality, the fax number in my profile has changed and I input the new fax number in to my profile just now.  Sorry if any one tried ...
We've all said in the recent months that the Sub-Prime meltdown has caused ripple affects that go beyond just the foreclosure market and home sales.  My landscaper is hurting for business, my flooring and painter is in the same boat.  Cities and Counties are losing out on property taxes causing r...
For this week's market update, I have GOOD NEWS and I have BAD NEWS! The GOOD NEWS is that the sale of homes are climbing.  November gave us an increase of 6% over October and 13.5% over September sales.  The BAD NEWS is that the numbers are increasing mostly due to the huge influx of low priced...
On this past Sunday, I shared with my Sunday school class some information about Thanksgiving.  I was dismayed at how little my 4th and 5th grade kids knew about the origins of the holiday. The Pilgrims left Plymouth, England, on September 6, 1620 en route to the New World.  Arriving in Massachu...
While speaking at an investment conference recently, John Stumpf, the President of Wells Fargo & Company stated that this current real estate crisis is the worst he’s seen in his entire career.  In fact, he likened it to the same slump that existed nearly 80 years ago.  “We have not seen a natio...
This message is for all my sellers and anyone else who may be interested.  Right now, just in Riverside, there are 3,190 homes for sale.  During the past 30 day period, only 110 sold.  That’s only 3.4% which means that 96% of homes for sale are not selling.  It also means we have roughly a 29 mo...
Currently, there are nearly double the number of homes for sale then there were three years ago at the height of the market.  And that does not include the new homes available.  Supply and demand is going crazy and not in a good way.  Obviously, when supply is up and demand is low, then prices d...
Would it be alright if I take a moment to vent?  I just need to rant a little and get something off my chest. I’m very frustrated and the banks are driving me crazy! In the 90’s I dealt with numerous foreclosures and closed tons of short sales.  Now that short sales have come back around, I have...
Barney Frank, Democratic Representative from Massachussets said, “We have a national crisis to which we have to respond.”  Frank, the head of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee, was not referring to terrorism or war.  He was discussing the crisis in the housing markets brought on by the...

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