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Is Earnest Money still an indication of "good faith" intent, or has it become more of a custom? There are many contingencies to allow a buyer a refund of EM, but it can become contentious if a disgruntled seller refuses to release it. How do you handle it?
Just and observation:  When someone says, "Don't do that!", there is often an instinctive reaction to do it...or at least test it.  It's like the "Wet Paint" sign.  Children especially like to test the boundaries when told NO.  It is quite common for people to admonish with, "Don't Forget...".  S...
Over thirty years ago, I was fresh out of college.  My lottery number was so high it was not drawn for the draft.  So I enlisted and joined a career field that has remained a part of my life.  Here is a picture of the Survival Instructor graduating class of 72-02 in June of 1972. Last summer, the...
All of you know about networking, and I want to share a recent experience.  While at the Washington Realtors EdCon, I met Debbie Champion from Yakima.  In fact, she was the first person I met at the conference, and of course, we exchanged cards.  A few days after the conference she contacted me t...
Halloween is coming.  Last year, Roslyn was a mouse.  She and her family just moved into their first home this month.  She is sooo glad to have her own room, and her little brother has his own room, now.
Roslyn loves to help Grandma in the kitchen. 
Last weekend was the annual Apple Squeezin' and Cider Makin' get-together.  Roslyn likes to help with any project, and she really gets into her work.  Here she is filling the bucket from the bin to pour into the hopper of the grinder.  What fun!
This was sent to me with the request to pass it on.  Since I am a vet and a former school teacher and a current real estate instructor, I appreciate this little story.  Enjoy! I  like this teacher. A lesson that should be taught in all  schools . . And colleges Back in September of 2005, on the  ...
While attending the Washington Realtor Association fall business conference, we were introduced to a series of short and very informative videos created to help you with your clients--especially new homeowners.  These have received national recognition, and you may find them very helpful.  Check ...
How does Earnest Money help the Seller?  Suppose the buyer deposits $1,000 earnest money and indicates in the offer that should he default, the only consequence in forfeiture of the earnest money.  If all other contingencies are satisfied, and the buyer simple changes his mind, he forfeits the EM...
How useful is Earnest Money in today's real estate transactions?  Earnest money may be perceived as an indication of a buyers "good faith", or intent to compete the transaction, or even their financial ability to perform.  However, most offers to purchase include contingencies-inspection, financi...

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