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Recently, Suze Orman wrote the following in the Summer 2008 Oprah Magazine article entitled:  Suze Orman, Six Money Matters to Stop Worrying about Now: "FALLING HOME VALUES.  Soaring oil prices. Sputtering stock markets.  A declining dollar.  It's enough to try even the most optimistic souls.  My...
The following appealed in the Daily News - July 18, 2008 in the section entitled - Your Home - Your Home Advice - Ask Barbara - Barbara Coccoran, leading real-estate expert: Q - What are the best ways to publicize a home for sale in such a down market?   A - The lawn sign still generates more buy...
The following is from an article written by Barbara Corcoran, who is a leading real-estate expert, as she answers questions in her section of the Daily News - YOUR HOME ADVICE - July 18, 2008 - Ask Barbara Q - My husband and I plan to sell our beautiful three-bedroom home next year.  We keep argu...
The following article of The Daily Journal.Com appeared in The Asbury Park Press on-line affiliate's web site - APP.COM Beach by beach, fees vary wildly in New Jersey Sat Jul 5, 2008 TRENTON -- Consider on this holiday weekend that the economics behind the cost of Jersey Shore beach tags amount t...
Below you will find the link to the state of New Jersey - Public Advocate's web site.  This link will give you access to the report on the 2008 Jersey Shore Beaches Daily Passes AT A GLANCE as well as certain key amenities and features of the related beach, which is also below the link:  www.sta...
It is extremely important that the potential BUYER of an Adult Community LIVING UNIT - HOME/CONDO - needs to understand the legal structure of the association as well as its financial position BEFORE buying. CO-OP Associations makes all its homeowners as owners of the association as well as all h...
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