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Merry Christmas and may God bless us all,
Recently we had NAR say it is time not only to be ethical in our business practices but to also watch what we say verbally as well as on any social media.Being raised in the '60s, I was taught not only to respect my elders but everyone I came in contact with.Now, this morning I hear the New York ...
It all began many years ago at my first visit to a baseball game and an umpire made a call that some did not appreciate. They started a crescendo of catcalls at him and it was then I began to appreciate the aspects of the HUMAN factor of errors in life.As I got older the television became a facto...
For many years a Public Education was not only mandatory but taught us the fundamentals as well as encouraging one to read to gain further knowledge.Will the internet become the next classroom from the homes instead of brick and mortar schools and will it be better for learning? As it is easier f...
As most of us are aware we have a virus amongst us.Because of this, we are to adhere to the six-foot rule to help not spread to those that may not cope with it.In this area on social media, there are a lot of professionals who think it is possible to go about their business as usual and continue ...
Having become of age we belong to the Firemen's Exempt Group.Multiple times each year we get together for different sporting events on the boob tube and everyone brings a dish to pass for whatever the theme (chili, goulash, etc.)is that night.Mine will be HOOPLA dip:1 1/2 cups Mayonnaise1 cup shr...
The US Political field has an agenda of doing away with fossil fuels of any sort and replacing with solar and wind energy.There has been a push to do away with fossil fuels since I was a teenager and remember being taught we would run out of petroleum by the time I was Sixty; oh and that has long...
Just got online to check emails, FB, and the MLS to see what was happening.Besides the good emails, I needed to answer there were many from other agents wanting to know if I had a buyer for their new listing and something interesting in that they were asking if I had any listings coming up in cer...

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