When it comes to home maintenance, everyone thinks of weatherproofing, but does anyone think of thief proofing? Last year, there were 8,632,512 property crimes, costing an estimated $16.6 billion, which includes burglary. Here are a few home security basics to help you protect your home:  Check L...
It's hard to dream new dreams. We'd all like to be visionary thinkers like Bezos, Buffett, and Branson (the Three B's of Bold Thinking) and achieve great things. But most of us aren't bold visionaries. (I'm definitely not.)And that's OK, because while you and I might never come up with the next b...
One of the most challenging parts of running a company is often remembering when NOT to work. I always have a list of things to work on that could keep me in the office late or end up coming home with me-and I know you do too.As company leaders we make tough decisions every day. Maintaining a hea...
Listening to negative feedback can have undesirable side effects. Before you do it, make sure it's worthwhile.  Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to follow your own wisdom. At least that's how it is for me. The moment absolutely anyone says something negative about me or my work, I start to d...
Goodbye, customer touch-points. Hello, ongoing, meaningful contact that actually drives revenue.  Here's what you need to know to be more engaging right now. The rise of the social Web has led to a fundamental shift in the way businesses of all sizes engage with their customers. Rather than focus...

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