i am not a lender since june last year but i feel bad about whats comming in april 1 and really think the client is the one that will get hurt with the  lack of competition but what am i to really say about it. this is a nice video article from think big work small .
Here is a beautifully video slide Hope you like it about attitude from the simple Truth LOUSTAUNAUAlso visit me at my fan page
well the time is now no because maybe the home prices might go down a bit but more because the rates for loans are going up slightly with time pushing payments up and what you might be able to afford also changes to loan programs might also make it harder to get a loan. but just mi opinion here i...
i think the dip is because of the holidays not so much that is slower; this is investors heaven buy low they can rent and flip later or just flip , regular buyer should look at buy now if they can to many changes coming . just my opinion
this might be great if banks do start really reducing the balance to people that want to make the payments , but we will see; what you think have a super weekend RAOUL LOUSTAUNAUAlso visit...
hope you find this helpfull   Fannie Mae vs Freddie Mac Waiting Periods and Requirements   (Effective February 1, 2011)     FANNIE MAE FREDDIE MAC Derogatory Event Waiting Period Requirements Waiting Period with Extenuating Circumstances Waiting Period Requirements Credit Score 680 Waiting Period...
this article about the attorney generals trying to get the mortgage reduction and write down moving to help people in trouble its great hope it happens . if it does i think it will make things move in the right direction of course if they actually implemented .
i cant believe any company would sensor any kind of website or blog what are they thinking , if they cant take the heat change but censoring means that they actually are aggring that they are doing thing wrong they should have transparency and not do sensor because they dont aggree with other peo...
this is a nice article i read about warren buffets projection that this is the year to get back into real estate now he is the expert in business , i just think we still have a uphill battle with all the foreclosures on the banks pipelines. but the outlook is good and maybe he is right . here is ...
If you have done a short sale or are doing one you must follow up checking how your credit its been reported , this is a great article in video form about this hope you like it don't t...

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