this is a great article about a 203k and its benefit ; i actually working right now on a couple of this loans and they do take longer but the time justifies the ends here is the link what do you t...
i think that loan modification will be going away soon they really just extend the problem but most people go back and have problems again and lose their homes, i don't like most loan mod because in a lot of cases they really dont help the client in the long run , my opinion here is an video and ...
wow , we kind of all new that nearly 50% of all sales nation with are distress sales and actually here in the in phoenix its probably higher because that number is nation with at some point i think buyer have to see that now its the time to go and get that house that they been thinking about. her...
how many times clients ask what going to happen with their credit and credit score that to tell you the thuth i really have no idea other that it will go down but this article help with that hope is useful to anyone reading it
  this is a great article about the taxes that we need to paid after a short sale, i am still trying to understand this , i just send my clients to their tax person because they are the experts but its always good to just read and know more about the subject
wow i think the government wants all the small back to stop doing loans well at least with this new law that's what it looks like just my own opinion what do you think look at this video coming from TWBS hope you like it Have a Fantastic Valentiens wi...
Hello guys here are a few great applications to work on pictures online its a free application of course the have upgrades great to use for lots of thinks play with it great to have access to forms and contract from any pc hope you find this helpfull
 this is a great article and i think this tipes of short sales and foreclosure are here to stay for at least a  years hope you like the article  thanks have a super day
the follow in article is really good and with a positive outlook, i think we are going have seen the same in Arizona with a influx of cash buyers, well here is the link h...
this is a great article Gary Heller from Inspection Services send me and i wanted to share it hope you like it thanks Good afternoon Real Estate Profess...

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