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It's a Burger Den Day!  There's a little restaurant about a mile from my house where many of the locals gather every morning to have breakfast, drink coffee, or to just catch up on the latest gossip.  You will find a variety of people there each day.  High school students coming by in a rush tryi...
For the past several days I have written about the importance of friendships and relationships to our business.  At the end of the day, the transaction has been closed and everybody has been paid, the important thing is, has all parties involved, gained our trust and confidence.  As you well know...
Making and maintaining relationships are what the Real Estate business is all about.   The old saying is really true, "nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care."  All of us as Real Estate Professionals work consantly at staying informed and up to date on our education.  Wi...
Today more than ever I realize the importance of relationships.  The Real Estate business is all about the relationships you make, keep, and cultivate.  The importance of marketing your brand cannot be under rated, but the best marketing will not make you money if you cannot make and maintain rel...
Years ago my grandmother would use the old saying that I'm sure your familiar with; "lay down with the dogs and you'll get up with the flees."  Everyday I become more aware of how important relationships are in our lives.  They have a tendency to bring the best or worst out of us.   Early in my p...
Good Morning,   Several years ago I had the privilege of working with John Maxwell and the Enjoy Group, a Leadership based company in Atlanta.  One of my favorite quotes of John was this:     "People who have given up are ruled by their darkest mistakes, worst failures, and deepest regrets. If yo...

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