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My wise Uncle use to say, "the hardest part of any job is gettin' started."  For many summers I worked along side my uncle on his farm and there I learned many of life's lessons.  I noticed that we worked long hard hours, we ate good, slept well, and saw things that many people never had clue abo...
"Be swift to hear, but slow to speak," these words though spoken centuries ago still carry a wonderful and wise message.   Words are powerful!  They can lift someone's spirit, encourage someone to move forward, bring hope to the hopeless, give joy to the grieving, and at times give the strength n...
A few years ago I was attending and speaking at a leadership conference in Atlanta.  One of the speakers as he was teaching his session used the phrase, "be a lid lifter."  He illustrated his point by saying that you can put flees in a glass jar with a lid on it and the flees will continue jump a...
Every day I'm looking for ways to improve my business and make my bottom line stronger.  I read, research, and constantly seek out the latest "hot marketing" tips in hopes of finding that one thing that will put me on easy street.   However, most of the time I keep coming back to the simple thoug...
Real Living Advantage would like to welcome Angel Giles to our Real Living family.  I look forward to working with Angel as she progresses in her Real Estate Career.  As a broker I feel it is my responsibility to add value to the lives and careers of my agents and I am excited about the opportuni...
I often hear people say "you have to see the big picture,"  and admittedly I struggle with that from time to time.  With the stress of todays market place I find myself focusing on the temporary trials of life, and losing sight of why I'm in this business.  It's easy to second guess yourself and ...
What a Week!! The past four days have proven to be an extradordinary period of time.  I've watched emotions go from one end of the spectrum to the other.  I had agents that were crying the blues on Monday, and singing chants of victory late yesterday evening.  No, it didn't have anything to do wi...
For some reason this blog didn't post the first time so I'm giving it a "second shot" It's a Burger Den Day!  There's a little restaurant about a mile from my house where many of the locals gather every morning to have breakfast, drink coffee, or to just catch up on the latest gossip.  You will f...
Friendship maintenance "who would've "thunk it."  You would think that friendships would just take care of themselves.  After all a "friend is a friend" and if you have to work at keeping a friendship is it really worth it.  I must admit that I do have some friendships that seem to require little...
I started my day like I do most every day, but today seemed a little different.  As I went through my morning "ritual," I realized that I was dragging myself along and not feeling my usual "I'm glad to be alive" attitude.  I concluded my morning reading and spent some time reflecting and then beg...

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