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By Ralph Nelson, EA, Kenny Kim, EA, MDAn offer-in-compromise (OIC) is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS to settle their tax debt for less than what is owed. Financial Harmony Tax Resolution LLC specializes in submitting OICs for local taxpayers in the San Francisco Bay Area. And in doin...
By Ralph Nelson, EA, Kenny Kim, EA, MDTaxpayers come into our office after their bank accounts or wages have been levied by the IRS. They ask us, "what can we do to make the IRS stop the levy action?"Here are three ways to make the IRS tax levy go away.Step #1. File your last six years of tax ret...
You could sell your house with an IRS tax lien no matter what your cousin says.It is all about writing the “right letter” to the IRS to reassure them that they will be the ones receiving the proceeds from the sale of the house. The IRS will be more than happy to discharge the house from the lien ...
By Ralph Nelson, EA, Kenny Kim, EA, MDYou’ve had enough. You are constantly reminded of many back-tax returns you have not filed. The fear of the IRS knocking on your door is weighing you down. Before you sit down with your accountant to file the returns, remember that there is a strategy you sho...
By Ralph Nelson, EA, Kenny Kim, EA, MDIf your spouse cheats on his taxes, files a joint return, and owes the IRS money, you could be liable for the entire IRS debt. Innocent spouse relief is a way to separate you from your liable spouse’s unpaid tax debt. However, even if you have a separation an...

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