I'm trying to reach out to loan officers who are tired of the same old, same old?  Are you burned out and just want a simple way to conduct business?I personally know how hard it is to start over every month.  Do you think 2 months're always looking to the closing the should be happen...
I've been working really hard on a new addition to my business.  In essence I've very excited to help Realtors and builder implement their own personal in house lender.I traveled last week to Wilmington, NC and met with a very energetic real estate owner there.  We clicked hit it off and our new ...
Why, why, why!  I must say that I'm going to run an advertisement that tells all home buyer.  STOP, before you start house hunting make sure you're ready to buy.Is this not the first conversation for most Realtors when they meet a client?  I always believed that helping a buyer prepare for a purc...
Times they are a changing!  I have some clients who gave me a hefty wish list for a new home.  I'm quite active in our market and I didn't think it would be too hard to find what they're looking for.  I knew it wouldn't be simple, but I was sure there would be at least a couple of choices.Boy was...
When a buyer is under contract, do you handle the file the same every time?  I have implemented a streamlined flow to closing out my files.  If I'm out of the office, I can point my assistant to the folder and it's always set up the same.  I think that's key to being thorough and keeping my custo...
I'm one of those "hello, this is Erica..."  Do you have set way you always answer phone calls?  I called an office this morning to speak with another agent and the office answered"It's an awesome day at blah-blah and we're looking to save you thousands!  Can I help you?"  I thought that was a bit...
I had an interesting comment on a previous blog post, and it made me think.I use webinars in my business quite often.  I'm happy to host one so a few of us can chat and I'll show you what i'm doing here with my VIP Homebuyer power point.  No strings, I just think it would be a great way to learn....
I was thinking this morning about when I started in the business.  I remember sitting down with a potential buyer, reviewing my VIP Homebuyer presentation (it was flip book back then) and they we would browse the MLS together.  I'd print off every home that matched their needs...Poor trees!  I te...
Goodness.  Isn't it amazing how the threat of snow in North Carolina makes clients cancel appointments!I've enjoyed an unexpected day off with my family!  Hope you're went well too.

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