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Morganton NC Homes for Sale, Lenoir NC Real Estate, and other information for the North Carolina Foothills, High Country, and Hickory Metro Area. Focusing on Morganton, Lenoir, Granite Falls, Burke & Caldwell County, and Northwest Catawba County.
So many business coaching books and programs advise starting the day with daily affirmations. A lot of people find this silly, and have trouble being enthusiastic about it, because we aren't used to talking ourselves up. This little girl gives a great example of how to do it right:
I cut back a lot on real estate activity during the last few months, because of health concerns and then the birth of my baby and getting settled in with him, but I will be going back to more "full time" type hours next week. When I return to the office, I'll be bringing my new "assistant" with m...
Senate Bill 3217, the "Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010" has been introduced by U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, and is scheduled to hit the floor of the US Senate on Friday, where it will be eligible to be voted on after 72 hours. (Click here for the full...
I spent a few days in Dallas this week for the 2010 Gathering of Eagles, a conference for the nation's largest real estate brokerage companies put on by Real Trends each year.  While our industry has more conferences than most of us can attend, I always find the Gathering to be an excellent event...
The year was 2005.  The call was from a struggling homeowner who needed to sell their home.  However, there was one significant barrier.  They had mortgaged their property for more than they could sell it for.  Hard luck had resulted in a job loss and they were faced with the stark prospect of ma...
Once an offer is accepted most sellers breath a sign of relief. After sometimes months of marketing, their wait is over! Or is it?? When my sellers sign that buy/sell agreement I let them hug, cry, scream, etc... then we have "the talk".  Let's look at what can go wrong between signing that contr...
With today's financial climate, most people are very aware of how important their credit profile is, especially if they are trying to get a mortgage or refinance loan. The problem is that many people don't want to pay for information about themselves, and so many of the "free" credit websites onl...
I found the original of this video on YouTube a couple years ago, and send it out to my friends each year since then. It even inspired my caroling Gremlins Christmas cards [they're cute in an odd way - the look like big grins with green scales & teeth]. Probably a little demented, but I bet most ...
I just had to share this:   Design by: Reblog with credit only please.
One of the best ways to leave a positive impression on a buyer is to declutter your home before putting it on the market. It makes the home look cleaner, larger, and less crowded, and also helps the buyer to picture themselves in your home and focus on the rooms themselves, rather than your poses...

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