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Real Estate Agent - Sandbars to Sunset Team at Future Home Realty - FL Lic# BK3419398
Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry?   Some things in life are real simple, you pick the flavor you like and off you go;  it is better to think about ‘good, better or best', all at a cost to you; not so with real estate and the condition that the real estate market is in, at least in Contra Costa Co...
That is the question... I had the pleasure on Tuesday to have lunch with my good friend Mike Mueller, the premier Loan Broker in Contra Costa County. Most of the conversation revolved around making use of the productive tools that are available to Realtors and lenders in order to make their servi...
I received a call from a friend who has a home in a declining value neighborhood in Concord, California.We discussed her various options, specifically, the pitfalls of a Deed in Lieu. It’s surprising to me how many people are presently in foreclosure, especially in the Bay Area. While she is cur...
 I am a member of the Caring Hands Volunteer Caregivers Program.The mission of Caring Hands is to create one-on-one matches between caring volunteers and frail, isolated, and disabled seniors over the age of 60. The program helps them to stay in their homes and remain independent as long as safel...
Hi everyone, my pet and companion in life is a beautiful Blue Fronted Amazon parrot named Zoe.  She is 26 years old, very loving, funny, friendly and does quite a few tricks.  Even though she is a female, she likes ladies a lot.  This is her picture with a set of keys in her beak/mouth.  The sign...

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