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Check out these stats: 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research. (Google & Complete Home Shopper Mobile Survey, 2012) 51% of new home shoppers read general home information on mobile devices. (Google & Complete New Home Shopper Mobile Survey, ...
Good morning AR friends!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I read an article this morning with some great marketing tips for real estate agents, and I wanted to share it with all of you: If you're looking t...
Here are some great real estate websites: If your website isn't optimized for mobile, you should consider optimizing it for 2015. Let me know if I can help in any way. -Todd
Do you have a 2015 mobile marketing strategy for your real estate business?  At the very minimum, you should be utilizing QR codes to make it easier for your potential clients to access your information.  Also, those QR codes should be directing the user to a mobile website or mobile flyer.  Chec...
Do you have your marketing plan set for 2015?  This article has a ton of ideas: If you're considering mobile marketing in 2015, let me know if I can help! -Todd    
Happy Hump Day!  Below is an interesting Infographic on how the real estate industry uses social media.  It also shows how the app is changing the game.  You can have your own app built that can provide much of the same functionality and more as the app.  Let me know if yo...
Every real estate agent should read this article.  This quote sums it up:  "Agents will not be replaced by technology …. they will be replaced by agents with technology." - Peter Williams - CEO of Deloitte Digital (2007)
Great ideas in this article: Have a nice weekend! -Todd  
Happy Friday AR friends!  The article below states that "Nearly 100% of home buyers are using the Internet for their home searches. Over half are already preferring mobile devices to desktops. By 2015, the overwhelming majority of home searches will likely be performed on mobile devices." There a...
I read an article this morning that talked about: 1. Keeping your contacts organized 2. Maintaining branding consistency 3. Staying in touch Like the headline says, they're all easy, but sometimes you can get sidetracked and forget to get back to basics.  Here's a link to the whole article: http:...

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