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This Day in History July 15th   1806 Zebulon Pike sets out on his famous expedition, on which he spotted a famous mountain peak in what would become Colorado, later named Pikes Peak, in his honor.   1903 The first order is taken by Ford Motor Company for a Model A, two-cylinder automobile priced ...
Can you believe I found this at Target?  A Lockheed Electra.  At Target.            At first glance, I knew it belonged on our wall at the office.  At second glance, I did not know how to hang it.  The picture I have taken shows what I ultimately decided worked best, with each section of the pict...
This Day in History July 7th 1795 Thomas Paine attends the Constitutional Convention in Paris and promotes universal suffrage.   1941 United States troops are sent to Iceland in the midst of the neutrality to keep the country out of German hands.   1930 Construction of the Hoover Dam begins.
This Day in History July 2nd   1776 The resolution is made by the Coninental Congress that the American colonies have the right to be free states.   1926 The Army Air Corps is established.   1964 The Civil Rights Act is signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson.   (Images Courtesy of Grant C...
       This post from Amanda and Jared Christiansen seems to have struck a certain interest in many people here on ActiveRain.  Upon briefly scrolling through its comments, one could easily determine that discrimination would be considered fair judgment for lenders who were to deny seniors a loan...
This Day in History July 1st   1903 English aviator, Amy Johnson is born.  Johnson lived to become one of the world's greatest pioneers in aviation; she set numerous long distance records, married a Scottish pilot, and served in World War II.   1916 Roland Robert Stanford Tuck, a WWII British Ace...
       With growing disbelief in the possible positive outcomes of private money, it may be necessary to debunk a few common misconceptions in the hope of providing for a better understanding of such loans.   Hard money is a perfectly legal practice; because the investors on these loans are often...
       Meet Simon, officially the Liquid Assets Manager for Tailwinds Mortgage.  (Get it?  Because he lives in water?)  He's a "Dumbo Betta" which is evidently quite rare; we picked him up from PetSmart a couple weeks ago, just in time for Betta Fish Awareness Day on June 22nd.  So far, it seems...
       I love myself a standard transmission.  Little is better than the overwhelming satisfaction of being at a red light when your favorite song comes on: your left foot is feathering ever so sensitively, your right foot is anxiously poised over the accelerator pedal.  Oh! what a rush when that...
       The United States Supreme Court is a group of highly powerful people; yet are also highly misunderstood.  One point most often forgotten when discussing such a body is that there are no requirements to be part of it, other than a Presidential appointment.  Each justice is expected to be ap...

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