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In Real Estate, Selling a Home can be diificult especially when deals fall off. Here are a few things that you should now and avoid so that the home is sold. 1.  Bad AppraisalsThe market has improved, and we want nothing more for our sellers than to have them experience the benefits of an improvi...
 People often consider the fall and winter seasons to be the “off-seasons” for selling a home. Often sellers hesitate to list their homes during these months because they believe they “missed the opportunity”. But is this true? Not necessarily. Here are the Top Five Advantages of selling your hou...
Purchasing a home is often the largest investment you will make in your life. However, just because you've closed on a home doesn't mean you are done spending money. Today we'll talking about 3 additional expenses that may come up once you actually move into your new home. The more your prepare f...
 There are many benefits to having a home warranty. When appliances break down, as they tend to do once you've lived in your home a while, the expenses can pile up. By the end of the day, you may need to make thousands of dollars in repairs. A home warranty can help. It will cover the expense of ...
Moving with your pets Moving can be stressful to everyone- not to mention pets. They can be easily stressed out when there is an unexpected activity at home. Here are some tips to make sure that the process is smooth with our pets.1.       Prepare an overnight kit that has enough food, toys and g...
What are the Questions I should ask when buying a Fixer- Upper? People love to buy what we call fixer uppers. It is human nature to see a thing transform into something of value. It’s like when you see a picture of an obese girl in a gym beside a very slim woman that is labelled as “Before” and “...
Who are the Real Winners in Las Vegas?Rent rates are currently at an all-time high. That means landlords are able to charge tenants more money for properties. Here, the winners are the landlords. They receive a great return on investment from their tenants. The losers are the tenants. They write ...
Quick Tricks When Company’s ComingCaring for the home is easy but what if you have company unexpected? Here are some useful tricks when you have people coming over.          Concentrate on the room the guests will likely to go into. Decide where you’ll entertain. If the kids will have the family ...
Proper Caring for your BooksWe love our books. If not properly maintained however, dust can build up on the covers. Here are the some tips to make your books look brand new longer.1.       Begin to exercise care the first time you open a book. Lay the book on its back. Open it a few pages at a ti...
Setting up a Homework Corner for Kids.When I was a kid, we were given free access to every part of the house after school. Most of my childhood during the 80’s were spent doing household chores and homework. You are not suppose to watch TV if you didn’t do your homework properly. I usually cheat ...

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