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Wanted for Immediate Hire, Training and Closings... Why agents do not succeed... Hint: It is NOT the market.
Rock Creek Subdivision located in the beautiful wooded area of Cypress, Texas in the 77429 zip code, is an oasis of neighborhood living mixed with lakes, ponds and streams surrounding and through out this family community.  A bounty of luxurious amenities including, swimming pools, tennis courts,...
I thought this was another joke blog title but upon reading found the writer to be serious.  I will respectfully disagree.  In my years of business, I find that when lawyers and acccountants run your business you go out of business.  Why?  They are scared to do anything for the legal liablities a...
I wrote this "AD" for agents in the Houston METRO Area: --------------- Wanted for Immediate Hire, Training and Closings, I am expanding my Real Estate Team and needing talent.  I am looking for someone who is willing to:- follow direction,- work the whole city and Metro area,- work, at least, 50...
Background:  I do not pretend to be the expert nor have I made millions but I make a good living and help other do the same.  I teach, coach and mentor many agents.  I have a mentor and friend who taught me real estate plus the experience I received on the job. I recently placed this ad and email...
Tony Barker is a real estate broker in the Houston Texas Area and considers helping people understand how to sell their homes. Using a contractor (or sub) can be scary if you do not know what to do. Here are a few of my recommendations to avoid problems.  For more information on this topic, buyin...
Two things sell a home in any condition, need, and market.  Do you have strategies for these two things?  Do you have accountability systems for them?   What are those things?  Price and exposure.  Most brokerages say show your marketing skills, play to your personality and your BIG corporate ima...
Why would someone hire you? That is the BIG question.  What is your response?  Is it a winged answer that varies each time?   Is it based on the questioner and their intent?  Is it purposeful to instill confidence in the questioner?
Can you define a life without limits?  Can you define a life without limits?  What are the limits in your life?  Can those limits be overcome?
How do you define a successful Realtor?    Is it there income from real estate, happy client base, lots of referrals, happy home life with a decent income?  What would be your goal? 

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