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A light hearted blog from London, UK providing an insight into the British property market and the way agents work over here. Also focusing on web 2.0 technology and the power of online marketing.
So I’ve been MeMed. Sounds dirty doesn’t it? But it’s not, it’s perfectly safe! I’ve had a rather lovely time reading through other peoples MeMes so it’s only fair I indulge you all in five super facts about little old me. Thanks Lexa for picking me to MeMe!FACT 1Well I’m English, and I live in E...
If a cellar is what you’re after in Greater London then the search may not be as hard as you think, with 366 properties on Zoomf advertising cellars. You could certainly do worse than to target your search to Bolingbroke where the wine lovers among you will find 37 properties with cellars. And ho...
Justin Guarini (a not very famous American Idol runner up) once said….. “Success is like a high-rise building and I’m on the first floor. There are a lot of people in the basement or the parking lot but I was lucky enough to have made it to the first floor and I’m looking to make it to the pentho...
The world of blogging is all about reading other peoples opinions and musings, presenting your own information and expecting to see people rehash it and, of course, starting debates (sometimes full scale wars) in comment sections. We love to see Zoomf data being used in the blogosphere, it promot...
A bold statement? Yes. Any truth behind it? Possibly. According to American property search engine Zillow, there is a ‘right time’ and a ‘wrong time’ to both sell and buy a property. The list of ‘rules’ could appear quite fascist, reading them could put you in a nervous sweat if you were waiting ...
Rosalind Russell wrote a very interesting piece in the Telegraph last week about agents not making it clear when a property is sold. It is very frustrating as a house-hunter to get giddy about the perfect home that you've just seen on the web, to then find out it's not available. But the agent wi...
Ahhhh celebrities. We’re a nation obsessed. Even I can’t help craning over someones shoulder on the tube to sneak a peak at a celeb caught without make-up, flashing their knickers or doing something else that generally shouldn’t be printed in our newspapers. But would you want to live next door t...

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